Jon Kallus

Some of the brands I’ve helped build over the years

We developed a new look and feel for Psycle, London’s biggest class based studio fitness chain, creating and producing a photoshoot designed to communicate the unique feeling you get in every class


We then used those images to develop a whole new website, wireframed from scratch to alongside the brand’s marketing department


We then extended the look and feel to Psycle’s in studio experience, including signage and collateral

We launched Psycle’s newest studio, with a confident line and design that used the brand image library in a fresh way


We emptied London to help Bose launch their flagship noise cancelling headphones


We followed it up with a global print and outdoor campaign that helped show the world what the headphones can do


We launched DirecTV’s best deal ever with a faux billionaire. Then he went viral.


We helped Barclaycard show the only downside to a card that earns points everywhere


We introduced the world to Lacoste Pour Femme with a global film and print campaign, bringing the brand to life in a subtle, unexpected way

Screenshot 2019-08-12 at 00.06.54.png

We launched Doritos’ biggest-ever chips in the most scientific, rational way possible


We answered that forever question: who doesn’t like Mentos gum?

Screenshot 2019-08-12 at 00.06.54.png

We helped Chevy launch the new Cruze by showing how cray good gas mileage can be


We flexed real talk for Dulux Paint, and their paint again for free guarantee

Screenshot 2019-08-12 at 00.06.54.png

We helped Nike with some local copy to launch Nike React in the UK in British


We helped Crown Royal recognise real with a campaign “perfectly suited for the recession.”

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